The Forty-Second Generation Newsletter

          March 2015

How to Study the Bible


Within God’s Word,

there are 4 levels of understanding. 

Each one is true, but each progresses to more understanding and each is for you personally in progressing in your walk towards the Kingdom of God. 

1        First we fill ourselves by reading the Word. 

2      Secondly, we begin to go beyond the simple reading of the Word, to begin to sincerely desire more of the sincere milk of the Word.  At this point we begin to see more than what is written on the page. We begin to see hints of more than just a feel-good milk meaning.             

3      Thirdly, we begin to desire to study the meaning of the words that the Lord puts on our heart using Bible Helps such as the Strong's Concordance and the Dictionary. At this point, we are not satisfied with just the milk understanding, but we desire to know more and more.

4       Fourth and finally, we begin to have an unquenchable desire to dig deep and search out the hidden meanings of God’s concepts in His Word. 

Using these 4 layers of understanding, you can determine where are you in this progression? 

1        Are you at the milk stage, just reading the simple message of the Bible as stories and history? 

2        Or have you begun to desire the sincere milk that quenches your thirst?

3       Or have you begun to study the hints the Lord is quickening, and dipping this bread into the water of the Word by going deeper than just reading the Word, to more understanding?

4       Or have you got a hunger that cannot be filled with milk, water, or bread, and feel that you must search deeply for the hidden meanings?

If you are truly desiring with all your heart to go beyond the milk, the sincere milk, and the bread of the Word, then the Hebrew Aleph Bet and the Strong’s Concordance and other study helps are the KEYS that will unlock the doors and  lead you to the  ever-deepening, meat of God’s Word.  Come and sit at His table He has set before you.

As one level leads us to desire more, the next level is progressively more specific, and more revealing than the previous one. And as one level leads us to a desire for deeper understanding than what it contains,  the next and deeper level is only revealed once the “clothing” of the previous level or layer has been removed, until finally we get to the very essence of deep understanding.

Each of the 4 levels incorporates all the other levels according to your level of understanding on a concept.

This too is an ever on-going process and is marvelous in its working toward the deep, deeper, deepest things of God.  Praise the Lord!

by Jeannie Kirkpatrick


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