The Forty - Second Generation
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Revealing the Mystery of the Forty-Second Generation
The Everlasting Gospel of The Kingdom

Introduction to The Series "God's Christ Seed, the 42nd Generation"
            A Seed Shall Serve Him
           God's Promised Sons Inheritance
           The Christ Seed in the Earth Today
           The Power of His Christ 
           The Old Corn

Anointed for the Greater Works Ministry                                                         
Awake Unto Rightouesness
Gilgal, Bethel, and Jericho Stopping Off Places  
God Preparing A People For Service
God's Character, Nature, and Personality 
God's Glory Revealed In The Clouds
Men of Vision
Mystery Israel Revealed
The Church in the Wilderness
The Corn, The Wine, and The Oil
The Day of Restoration
The Gospel of the Kingdom
The Great Last Day
God's Last Day Chosen Generation
Look Up and Open Your Eyes
The Branch
The Harvest
The Melchezidek Priesthood
The Promised Seed
The Seed of Abraham
The Seventh Day
The Starseed and the Sandseed
We Have Not Gone This Way Before


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